Sunday, February 1, 2009

what a hectic weekend!

soo...this weekend was very productive....i made quite a few pieces, some cards, a layout on top of taking care of my very energetic son...i just never get tired..they have such a energy about them that honestly i would love to have..but instead of having that energy playing with toys and such - id rather have it playing with my *toys* aka art supplies..heh.

i must say...browsing through the *blog world* is not only so inspirational to me...but viewing other peoples work is so special..seeing pieces that they put their heart and soul into...its just something only us artists can truly understand..:oP~

anyways...heres some Valentine cards that i made ; nothing spectacular...

also...heres a block i's a square wooden block...i altered it all around but heres just a few pictures of some of the sides ;

okie....finally....a canvas i created and another page to my *altered book* im making ;

for this canvas...i used tons and tons of layers....and did the *credit card swipe* take an old credit card and swipe desired color paint on it..and just drag it across the canvas...also...on top of swiping it across..i also swiped it down in quick motions..i like the effect it gives....

for this piece...i wanted it to be sort of *dreamy* ... a collage of elements that wouldn't make sense unless its in a dream...and what better quote to use then one of my favorite poets; edgar allan poe.... i just went buck wild on this one....a no holds bargain piece..and im satisfied with the results...i also have been on a used dryer sheets binge...i love the texture it gives ...and also when soaked in inks really absorbs color nicely...

well, thats it now for....:o) i hope everyone is enjoying their *sunday* ...with the whole superbowl and all...


  1. You know what Nikki? I just love your block, your canvas and your book page. They are really special and you've put so much heart into each one - bravo!!
    And thanks for your lovely comment on my little clutch-bag!!

  2. Wow Nikki, all of these are beautiful! I especially love the block - very captivating. Also, your "Inspire" piece is beautiful. The blues are so dreamy!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the truly sweet comments you said about my "Tuscan Sunset" piece. I am totally taken by your kindness, and I envy you for actually been blessed enough to visit Italy. Hopefully, for me some day.... : )

  3. Hi Nikki - you have a fun blog here :)

    I see that it's a baby blog too ..... have fun with it - your stuff is great! I'm sure I'll see you around on bloggerland some more!

  4. Super canvases, and journal page, love the effects on each piece, keep meaning to start a journal... just another of those "to do" things lol

  5. Hi! so much to look at on this post and it is all fabulous. Your valentine cards are so pretty and of course I love that decorated wooden block. The bird is gorgeous on it. Isn't wood so fun and easy to work on. Your canvas turned out great but my fave piece is your altered book page. Love the effect and the colors.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog. It means alot and I am so glad that you enjoyed my section in Somerset Workshop. Thanks again :)

  6. Hey Nikki, loving all your new work, absolutely beautiful!!! Love how you did the wooden block, that's such a cool idea! xxx Marlene

  7. dont use the words "nothing spectacular"!! I love your cards..and those canvases are brilliant. Thanks for your great comments on my blog

  8. Wonderful projects! I love the pages for your altered book - the techniques are beautiful!! I love playing in paint too! I know just what you mean about the energy of kids - I can barely keep up with my 3 year old! ;)

  9. Nikki, I wanted to take the time to say thank you for visiting my blog and leaving so many sweet comments. My greatest satisfaction in creating has come from connections I've made with other wonderful artists!
    Big smiles,
    Kelly Feraro

  10. Everything here is wonderful, I really would like to try one of these ATC blocks, but havn't bothered to find the wood yet LOL, your's is just amazing!


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