Tuesday, January 27, 2009


so...living in new york does have it's benefits - great pizza, cheesecake and hotdogs...the whole *manhattan nightlife* scene...the shopping and some great scenery...BUT nothing compares - or even comes close to floridas sky. i haven't veen to florida in about 4 years but i will be going back when my son is just a tad older - probably to take him to disney world. so when he's enjoying the rides - ill be enjoying the gorgeous views...oh who am i kidding - i'll be enjoying the rides as well...lol :oP

above is a picture i took in epcot standing right in the middle of the *countries*
the alignment is a TAD bit off - but i was always one for imperfections

Saturday, January 24, 2009

just some random blabbering

so..like my previous post stated....i've been working on a book...it's a book about whimsy characters, sweet nothings and stuff that interests me. here's the first two pages;

the second page is not complete yet, i still have to add a few more elements and some text, but all in all - i think its coming along fairly well. i've become obsessed with soaking cheesecloth or gauze in some alcohol inks and then dipping it in bleach to fade some color - the result is interesting. so yea...ive been working my tush off...as far as this 'design team' call i entered into - everyone was supposed to get an email stating who was accepted in - and no word yet...but one thing i realized - being in the 'art world' there will be a ton of let- downs and disappointments...you just have to pick yourself right back up, brush it off and work even harder.

anyways - right now i'm working on an "all green" project for a calling for somerset. i'm really diggin my idea ...i've already did a few draft sketches - and all in all - they all have the same concept- just a few different elements on each one. but what usually happens is - i will sketch all i want - but when i actually START working on a piece - ideas and inspiration just all rush upon me and usually...probably 80% of the time..the sketches will have SOME similarities - but after completing my piece...it rarely looks anything like the sketch.

okie, i know i go on an on. so ill sum this all up with a so long , have a great day, adios, ciao

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

just a quickie

so..im working on a few things right now...actually..scratch that..im working on A LOT of things right now....first being a halloween art piece for somersets halloween 09 calling...a christmas art piece for somersets calling....a "green" project for somerset, layouts, atcs, inchies, on top of sorting out swaps...so yea..lifes hectic. i love it though - it keeps me going. im also working on a piece...and the title is unknown yet. its a whimsy, very playful collage - mixed media book..im going to post a picture of the first page later on tonight, along with ATCS ive finished... - but for right now heres a layout i just finished ---

Friday, January 9, 2009

happy friday

i am SO happy it's friday!!! ughh this week was a little tough for me. but lets not talk about the bad stuff - the good stuff is that i submitted a "resume" to someone who is looking for FOUR people to be on her design team - i'd have to make 4 layouts a month plus a non lo - which is a breeze. i really dont want to get my hopes up because if i dont get picked - it will be a huge disappointment - but i hope i do ...so cross your fingers for me!! heh...

ok. i recently stopped by michels arts and crafts store - which i havent been to in about 2 weeks (which is a LONG time for me , lol) so i walked in - and what do i see? a WHOLE NEW LINE OF GORGEOUS PRIMA, MAKING MEMORIES, COLORBOK and BASIC GREY products. ok...the prima products are just amazing -- i bought EVERYTHING i could - they have really pretty flowers in a bucket - pretty rhinestone flourishes, diecuts, ribbons, PAPER, journaling stickers and rubons....i was in heaven because prima is one of my top 4 ultimate favorite lines...and then..the NEW making memories line "sabrina" is out of the world adorable...AND colorbok has an adorable new line called "friendly forest" - all cute little forest animals....i took a picture of the new goodies i bought - here it is : (ps) sorry about the goodies being on my bed - lol

** these are all making memories and colorbok products **

** all prima products **

so yea.....im on cloud 9 right now...and the best part is yesterday i got a michaels gift card for $150 so you all can bet i'll be back there tonight buying more goodies...i swear the workers in michaels, ac moore, joannes, and craftique (craft store in brooklyn) see me there so much...at one point when i used to walk in the store - i'd be sooooo embarassed because they must have thought i probably have no life , but now i just dont care...lol. i really need to start putting a *dent* in the stuff i have already - because i have a shopping addiction when it comes to art products. i will buy and buy AND BUY - yet i have SOOOOOOO many things that i haven't even touched - so after this trip to michaels tonight, im going to start using my stuff before i do more shopping - i said im gonna TRY - cant promise anything..heh.

so, heres some misc pictures of the most recent layouts i created, AND some pictures of my gorgeous son getting his first haircut!

i love that little boy so much . he is such a blessing..anyways, just pictures of 2 recent layouts i created. (also posted on my sb.com page)

okie ; im off to browse through the new valentines publication from somerset called "in love"
**if you haven't bought it yet, GO GET IT!!!! (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT) i read it at least 3 times and i can't get enough of it - the work is simply divine...very talented and inspiring women!!!

okie - hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

xoxo, nikki

Monday, January 5, 2009

will you be my .v.a.l.e.n.t.i.n.e. {?}

so, i know it's a little early to be posting Valentines Day work - but i just can't help myself. I am in love with Valentine's Day - the colors - the feelings - the pretty flowers - the mushy movies - everything that has to do with *love* ....plus, half of my inspiration for creating art work for this years Valentines Day was the special edition of somerset 2009 called "in love." all the publications were gorgeous photos of different pages that a few VERY talented women did for a round robin. the inspiration that each page gave me was just unexplainable. i highly recommend buying that book - i just cant explain the beauty - it just has to be seen....

anyways - as i was saying before, i started working on some Valentines projects- one being a swap that i am participating in on http://www.scrapbook.com/ . here are a few photos of the end results --

also - i started up an art journal -- just for random everyday artwork that i might be too afraid to put on a layout or canvas - or just to basically escape and have the freedom to do whatever i want to do in it. heres a few photos so far --

(this is the front cover)

(this image was inspired by somersets valentine special publication titled *in love* i lifted the quote off of one of the very and many talented artists in that book.

My first post in the *blog* world

so im pretty excited to be starting a blog - which i might add is VERY long overdue. i really want to try and network myself out *there* more - and also everyone has a blog cuz , well, its the "cool" "it" thing to have in the art world. i'll be posting tons of my work on here, and also sharing some really neat techniques i've picked up along the way of my short - but so exciting and passionate 2 years of working on art.

anyways -- heres a few ATCS ive made that i consider my *favorites*

so - i have to go be a mommy and take care of my little bear -- will post more later.

wow. for my first post i must say it was very short..hehehh