Saturday, January 24, 2009

just some random blabbering my previous post stated....i've been working on a's a book about whimsy characters, sweet nothings and stuff that interests me. here's the first two pages;

the second page is not complete yet, i still have to add a few more elements and some text, but all in all - i think its coming along fairly well. i've become obsessed with soaking cheesecloth or gauze in some alcohol inks and then dipping it in bleach to fade some color - the result is interesting. so yea...ive been working my tush far as this 'design team' call i entered into - everyone was supposed to get an email stating who was accepted in - and no word yet...but one thing i realized - being in the 'art world' there will be a ton of let- downs and just have to pick yourself right back up, brush it off and work even harder.

anyways - right now i'm working on an "all green" project for a calling for somerset. i'm really diggin my idea ...i've already did a few draft sketches - and all in all - they all have the same concept- just a few different elements on each one. but what usually happens is - i will sketch all i want - but when i actually START working on a piece - ideas and inspiration just all rush upon me and usually...probably 80% of the time..the sketches will have SOME similarities - but after completing my rarely looks anything like the sketch.

okie, i know i go on an on. so ill sum this all up with a so long , have a great day, adios, ciao


  1. Such fun visiting your blog! Thank you for your really lovely comment on my little canvases, I appreciate it very much.
    The photos of your little son getting his hair cut are absolutely precious!
    Your whimsical book certainly looks wonderful, these two pages are amazing! I will look forward to more :)
    We are headed to FL next week, can't wait to see some sunsets (lots of them ;)

  2. What fun whimsical pages for your book!! And those photos of your son - so handsome!!

    I saw you mentioned Somerset in Love in your previous post - I totally agree - pure eye-candy!!

  3. i love your book so far!! :) Its so fun looking! You should definitely make stuff for somerset, the stuff they publish is definitely your style, you would be a shoo in! I agree with you, ive had a ton of let downs when trying out for dts and pub calls and stuff but i dont let them get to me. just be persistant and it will all pay off! :D


thanks for your comment! :o)~