Monday, January 5, 2009

My first post in the *blog* world

so im pretty excited to be starting a blog - which i might add is VERY long overdue. i really want to try and network myself out *there* more - and also everyone has a blog cuz , well, its the "cool" "it" thing to have in the art world. i'll be posting tons of my work on here, and also sharing some really neat techniques i've picked up along the way of my short - but so exciting and passionate 2 years of working on art.

anyways -- heres a few ATCS ive made that i consider my *favorites*

so - i have to go be a mommy and take care of my little bear -- will post more later.

wow. for my first post i must say it was very short..hehehh

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  1. im so glad youre starting a blog, how exciting! :D I will have to put the link to your blog on mine!


thanks for your comment! :o)~