Friday, January 9, 2009

happy friday

i am SO happy it's friday!!! ughh this week was a little tough for me. but lets not talk about the bad stuff - the good stuff is that i submitted a "resume" to someone who is looking for FOUR people to be on her design team - i'd have to make 4 layouts a month plus a non lo - which is a breeze. i really dont want to get my hopes up because if i dont get picked - it will be a huge disappointment - but i hope i do cross your fingers for me!! heh...

ok. i recently stopped by michels arts and crafts store - which i havent been to in about 2 weeks (which is a LONG time for me , lol) so i walked in - and what do i see? a WHOLE NEW LINE OF GORGEOUS PRIMA, MAKING MEMORIES, COLORBOK and BASIC GREY products. ok...the prima products are just amazing -- i bought EVERYTHING i could - they have really pretty flowers in a bucket - pretty rhinestone flourishes, diecuts, ribbons, PAPER, journaling stickers and rubons....i was in heaven because prima is one of my top 4 ultimate favorite lines...and then..the NEW making memories line "sabrina" is out of the world adorable...AND colorbok has an adorable new line called "friendly forest" - all cute little forest animals....i took a picture of the new goodies i bought - here it is : (ps) sorry about the goodies being on my bed - lol

** these are all making memories and colorbok products **

** all prima products **

so on cloud 9 right now...and the best part is yesterday i got a michaels gift card for $150 so you all can bet i'll be back there tonight buying more goodies...i swear the workers in michaels, ac moore, joannes, and craftique (craft store in brooklyn) see me there so one point when i used to walk in the store - i'd be sooooo embarassed because they must have thought i probably have no life , but now i just dont i really need to start putting a *dent* in the stuff i have already - because i have a shopping addiction when it comes to art products. i will buy and buy AND BUY - yet i have SOOOOOOO many things that i haven't even touched - so after this trip to michaels tonight, im going to start using my stuff before i do more shopping - i said im gonna TRY - cant promise anything..heh.

so, heres some misc pictures of the most recent layouts i created, AND some pictures of my gorgeous son getting his first haircut!

i love that little boy so much . he is such a blessing..anyways, just pictures of 2 recent layouts i created. (also posted on my page)

okie ; im off to browse through the new valentines publication from somerset called "in love"
**if you haven't bought it yet, GO GET IT!!!! (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT) i read it at least 3 times and i can't get enough of it - the work is simply divine...very talented and inspiring women!!!

okie - hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

xoxo, nikki


  1. Nikki,
    Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I too have been for publication to somerset for a couple of years now, but I will not give up!! Thanks for the kudos!!
    My Studio 13

  2. HI Nikki
    thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet, thoughtful posts!

  3. Super cute layouts Nikki!! the colour green so they are right up my alley!!

    LOL!! I went crazy shopping at Michaels and picking up a ton of the new Prima Products too!! Yippee!! Prima and at 40% off too!!

    ~Gabi xx

  4. Hi Nikki!
    Thank you so much for telling me about your inspired moment. It means alot to hear this. It is one reason after all we blog.
    I think these Scrapbook pages are such great layouts. Very even and wonderful. That's something I haven't done this year(an actual scrapbook page)lol ...I think you should definitely turn a layout you really like and that has a lot of personal meaning or a story behind it into Take Ten...That stampington magazine. What do you think?
    Talk to you soon. New blogger buddy:)
    Angela Harris

  5. so these are the flowers huh?? man i need to get to michaels! lol. love them! Those are such cute pics and layouts of mikey too, love his new haircut!!


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