Saturday, July 18, 2009


yea....ive been mia for a while....honestly.....ive been so busy...during the day i take care of my little darlin boy michael...and at night when hes just i usually fall asleep maybe an hour after him...i have however...been creating some pieces...some cards..ect... i have been desperately creating all types of cards, mixed media projects, layouts for callings because i really want to get published this year...i look in magazines...and while some....actually..ill even go ahead and say most projects in them are just stunning and beautifully crafted...there are those 15% that i think what the heck...why are they not only published..but some actually get covers too..
but yea....hopefully my dream will come true some time

heres a mixed media prokect i finished about a week or so ago..

(this is the top)

also....heres some cards i finished.

ill be uploading another project that im pretty much finished with..just adding some finishing hopefully by tonight ill have it up here.