Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i've been a very busy gal

wow...i know..i's been quite a bit since i posted last...i have to be excuses...its just pure laziness...i take care of my little monster all day and by the end of the night i am soooo beat that im not far behind him when he goes to bed....but yea....some serious update-age to talk about...first off....last wednesday -18th- i got my first tattoo....on the inside of my wrist ...and its the chinese symbol for yea....monday comes around and i find myself back at the tat shop getting another one...this one is positioned on the lower part of my neck..and its the chinese symbol for faith..the first one took about 5 minutes...its about a quarter-sized tat...tiny...the second one took about 45 minutes..and its bigger...i honestly got the tattoo bug..i want more!!! haha..and to the question of does it me...i wouldnt consider it *pain* -- its more irritating...not bad in the least... ok heres some pictures of them -

this is the tattoo on the lower neck...

and heres the wrist

so on to projects - ive been working on quite a, swaps, some paintings and mixed media/ yea..ive been sooo busy!!

heres a little button fairy i completed a few days of my very addicting little trinkets to create! -

also..heres a layout i just 30 minutes ago..and also a card i made a few days ago -

and finally..heres some new goodies i've bought and got from some swaps im in...aint i lucky? hehe


Monday, March 2, 2009

dollie mollie i stated on my previous posts, ive been working on a doll...well...i finished and honestly...i like the way it came out...i dont like the way the pictures came out....i took like 100 and everyone was blurry...cropped weird or just blah...i probably shouldnt give up and just keep taking picture/uploading them to see if one comes out nice...but i just really dont want to do the pictures i did take and picked are going to have to do...for now at least...
so..heres miss dollie mollie...

that is the front...

and back

i did embellish the sides i said...not taking any more

i actually made this doll with the cheapest materials ever...i found a porcelain doll in my local dollar i bought 5 of them to dismantle and collect the arms and legs...i did this because the legs and arms i really wanted on artchix were sold out and i really wanted to work on yea..i left the arms as is and painted striped black & white stockings using paint and for the body....i found a wooden square block while playing with my son with his building blocks...and the rest was just rubons, papers, heart brad, flowers, made the hat myself, rhinestones and photo. i positioned the arms and legs on with those hook screws..and just binded the arms/legs to the hooks with twine. i have made a few dolls in my day...and this isnt my best..but i enjoy making them...i think they are the cutest little things and are really simple to make.
also...the quote spread out on the front of her body reads " where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art"
i really love that quote, written by da vinci.

anyways...also at the dollar store, i picked up a small box to alter...i had just gotten some adorable sassafrass papers and wanted to use them real heres my little altered box... :oP

just a little creation to store some odds and ends in.

okie...well...thats all for now..i applied to a dt team and im waiting for feedback is i made it in. so cross your fingers!!! ;o)