Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i've been a very busy gal

wow...i know..i's been quite a bit since i posted last...i have to be excuses...its just pure laziness...i take care of my little monster all day and by the end of the night i am soooo beat that im not far behind him when he goes to bed....but yea....some serious update-age to talk about...first off....last wednesday -18th- i got my first tattoo....on the inside of my wrist ...and its the chinese symbol for yea....monday comes around and i find myself back at the tat shop getting another one...this one is positioned on the lower part of my neck..and its the chinese symbol for faith..the first one took about 5 minutes...its about a quarter-sized tat...tiny...the second one took about 45 minutes..and its bigger...i honestly got the tattoo bug..i want more!!! haha..and to the question of does it me...i wouldnt consider it *pain* -- its more irritating...not bad in the least... ok heres some pictures of them -

this is the tattoo on the lower neck...

and heres the wrist

so on to projects - ive been working on quite a, swaps, some paintings and mixed media/ yea..ive been sooo busy!!

heres a little button fairy i completed a few days of my very addicting little trinkets to create! -

also..heres a layout i just 30 minutes ago..and also a card i made a few days ago -

and finally..heres some new goodies i've bought and got from some swaps im in...aint i lucky? hehe



  1. Hi Nikki, wow you are just getting better and better at your art! Love the button fairy and that new layout RoCkS!!! Have a great weekend! hugs, Marlene :)

  2. Cute Tats!!....I got one on my ankle in Florida!....LOL! just the stick-on kind LOL!!

    Super cute button fairy too!! the layouts too... the jeans pocket is such a cute embellie!! swesome work Nikki

  3. wow...those tats are awesome. i will admit that I have always wanted to get one but have a problem with pain, lol. Everyone I know that has a tattoo I end up asking if it hurt and some say just a little. sigh, maybe one day :) That little button fairy is too darn cute and I love the blue wings on it. Of course I enjoy your layouts. you have such a great style. The little 'hi' card just makes me smile. It is so fun looking and you can't help but smile when seeing it. Hope you are having a great day!

  4. I adore that faerie button! Fantastic LO, and thanks for letting me drool over your goodies!

  5. LOVE LOVE the rainbow boy scrapbook layout. SO cute! Cute tattoos too! i have one on my wrist that I wrote in my own handwriting that says " Live" to remind myself whatever I need to do. Do it now!
    Just came by to say Hi!
    ~Angela Harris


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