Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day

this valentines day was a little sad for me....just a bunch of drama going on in my life....and it stinks!! but on a good note ...i took these adorable pictures of my little bear modeling his new pair of jeans..... this should be the face for ck!!! lol

isn't he just adorable? hes my best friend...i love him sooo much...honestly..i always used to hear that the love for a child is just indescribable...but couldnt relate until i had him..and now i understand truly how that feels...
anyways.....enough mushy stuff....i have had such a hectic week! honestly...i havent gotten much done....just one thing after another....ive been working on my journal for this postcard circle journal swap im in....and i finished my pages and cover and mailed it out yesterday...and im excited about it because i LOVE circle journal swaps...also...did some GORGEOUS is primas new mulberry stitched pattern papers? L-O-V-E them....also...sassafrass has some delicious new goodies....ahh...isn't spending money just lovely? haha...
anyways...heres a canvas i finished a bit still iffy about it....i have mixed feelings about it... the alignment is a tad off...but im being lazy so yea...sorry about

also...i went fabric shopping the other day and came across this beautiful heidi grace fabric....a little pricey...$7 a yd...but well worth it. also i picked up more muslin and cheesecloth..

(i took a kazillion pictures and they all came out either really blurry or slightly this pic is as good as it gets!)
i really need to buy a tripod... just another thing to add to my wishlist

well....thats going to try and finish this canvas ive been working on for a few days...and also im trying to finish a layout, some cards, atcs, inchies and this green project ive been working on for well as a halloween piece for somerset....yea im a busy little bee aint i? heh.

have a great weekend everyone!


  1. what a beautiful son you youngest is about the same age. Love your canvas and thanks for your great comment on my blog

  2. Hi Nikki, thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments :)
    Your son is adorable, I can see the sunshine in his face. As for your canvas, I love it, but I know what you mean when you yourself feel you are not sure. I am like that a lot LOL.

  3. Love the pictures of Michael ~ he's so adorable I want to squeeze him LOL Love the canvas, it's beautiful :) Oh, I was at the dollar store yesterday and I found those artist canvas packs, they look like the ones you bought at Michaels ~ you gotta check it out :) hugs, Marlene

  4. Hi again :) Your little one is just too adorable. Love those little cheeks. And I totally agree with the mushy stuff :)

    Your canvas is lovely. I hope you are having a nice weekend and hope that this coming week is a better one for you and not so hectic. Later.

  5. He is absolutely adorable! Model material! I love your blog side wall paper (not sure if that's the right wording).


thanks for your comment! :o)~